24 februari 2006

Turkey as Neutral Mediator in Cartoon Row ? (Law & Justice)

The Austrian Presidency has invited Turkey to mediate in the conflict over the cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed. This seems a bit odd because Turkey has already made its position clear about the cartoons and a mediator is meant to be an independant neutral third party in a conflict between other parties.

Earlier this month Mr. Gul said that the publishing of the cartoons were a sign of "disrespect against the Prophet Mohammed" and he also protested against the "style of this disrespect".He also added that certain parts of the media saw this whole series of events as a test-case for freedom of expression and that "We have also observed an inclination to make use of the situation to probe the patience of the Islamic world and their conceptualization of freedom. Such cultural arrogance on the part of any culture or civilization cannot be justified."

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has called the cartoons insulting and demanded that legal action be taken against the cartoonists and the publishers.

Also, in November last year Denmark and ....Turkey had another clash about freedom of expression.

Consequently one could wonder what this "mediation" will lead to.


At 24/2/06 14:06, Anonymous Anoniem said...

Three points:

1. Mediators does not have to be impartial, neutral agents. You must have confused mediation with arbitration.

2. Turkish PM and FM have both criticized the cartoons and the violent protests. You seem to have selectively quoted their messages. Thanks to their efforts there have been no violent protests throughout Europe, where Turks are the majority in Muslim population. Accordingly they have been praised by many countries including Germany.

3. EU has made a good move with inviting Turkish FM to deliver a presentation and provide ways of solution to the problem, which was created by extremes on both sides of the river, and by lack of statesmen skills of Rasmussen. Turkey can play a constructive role in mitigating the damages, and providing an atmosphere of mutual understanding and respect, which will promote reconciliation and simply kill lust for violence.

At 24/2/06 20:22, Anonymous Anoniem said...

I agree with the comment above. This analysis sounds like a pro-Racist and lightly salted anti-somethin' to me.


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