24 mei 2008

Goed nieuws: de global warming is gestopt !

Een goede week achter de rug. Niet enkel werd mijn LVSV-persbericht door de Knack-website overgenomen en belandde het in de wekelijkse "Bladspiegel"-column van Koen Meulenaere, maar ook onze oude getrouwe Roger Helmer liet weer van zich horen. Afgelopen woensdag haalde hij zich andermaal de toorn van de klimaatprofeten op de hals door in de plenaire vergadering van het Europees Parlement te verklaren dat de opwarming van de aarde gestopt is. Voor zulke statements kon hij normaliter uit de EVP-fractie gezet worden... ware het niet dat hij al uit die fractie gezet werd na eerdere kritiek op de corruptie bij EVP-leden in de Europese Commissie...

Roger Helmer, Plenary Session, Wednesday 21 May 2008:
Mr. President,

For once I come to the House with good news. Global warming has stopped. 1998 was the warmest year in living memory. For the last ten years, average temperatures have been flat or falling. The recent modest warming is comparable to what occurred in the MediƦval warm period, and before that in the Roman optimum and the Holocene optimum. Temperatures today are below the maxima of the last 2000 years.

Increasing doubts are emerging about the role of CO2. Since 1850, average temperatures correlate well with solar cycles, but very poorly with atmospheric C02. The pattern of warming, both geographically and over time, is wholly different from that predicted by climate models.

The greenhouse models predict maximum warming in the high atmosphere. But observations show that most of the little warming we see is at the surface, and partly a result of the urban heat island effect. The greenhouse effect of CO2 is logarithmic, a law of diminishing returns. In greenhouse terms, the atmosphere is already saturated with CO2, and further emissions will have very little effect.

Sea level is rising no faster than it always has - about six to eight inches a century. Global ice mass is broadly constant. Severe weather events are no more frequent than they ever were. Species extinction is driven not by climate, but by loss of habitat, and especially by the drive for biofuels. Recent studies show that polar bears are doing very well. Climate hysteria is increasingly remote from reality. We need to rethink our policies before they do any more damage.

Thank you.

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