26 juli 2006

France leading the way? (Brigant)

Le Monde seems to be calling it The Chirac Plan...le plan Chirac pour sortir de la crise.
"Pour la France, l'OTAN n'a pas vocation à mettre sur pied une telle force. Pour des raisons techniques, mais aussi pour des raisons politiques, l'OTAN n'est pas faite pour ce genre d'intervention. L'OTAN est perçue, qu'on le veuille ou non, comme le bras armé de l'Occident dans ces régions, et, par conséquent, en termes d'image, l'OTAN n'a pas vocation à cela." page 1.

So no NATO force because that could upset the Arabs and make them clear that NATO is the West's Army. G, I thought NATO was a defense alliance with offensive capacity...sounds like a military force, no?

How does Chirac view France's place in a multinational force..page 2.
"Je crois comprendre qu'au fond les Etats-Unis, à défaut d'une solution plus efficace, plus rapide ou meilleure, ne verraient que des avantages, ou pas d'autre solution que l'intervention de l'OTAN, c'est-à-dire, en clair, de la Force de réaction de l'OTAN (NRF) qui serait commandée par l'état-major du corps européen composé de l'Allemagne, la France, la Belgique et l'Espagne."

As Chirac understood it..the US would want to send the NATO Reaction Force (NRF) with a European command composed by Germany;France;Belgium and Spain. I have to note that the Belgian Minister of Defense was 'reviewing' possible participation.
Is France prepared to lead the way? Certainly, but first must come a ceasefire, then a political engagement and then an enforcement force.

Page 3 is interesting as well...Chirac doesn't really answer to a question regarding a possible forced regime change in Syria.

The Saudi King wants a ceasefire, blames Hezbollah for this escalation. The Saud king does issue a warning, a rather threatening one."Saudi Arabia warns everybody that if the peace option fails because of Israeli arrogance, there will be no other option but war,” state-owned media quoted the king as saying.".
Thanks Abdullah for warning of war risk. They also refer to a 2002 peace initiative accepted at an Arab Summit. Officially Saudi's urge for a ceasefire, according to main stream media.
Guess who's been buying a lot of gear lately, a lot of it...but they wont get it fast enough.

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