4 maart 2006

A Muslim Lawyer's Defense of Publishing the Muhammad Cartoons (Law & Justice)

A Muslim Lawyer's Defense of Publishing the Muhammad Cartoons, by Junaid Afeef : "I am as offended by the caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad as other Muslims, but I must fight for First Amendment rights. "

"(...) Despite my personal feelings about the cartoons, I am helping Acton Gorton, the young man who reprinted some of these same cartoons in the Daily Illini, a newspaper that serves the University of Illinois community in Champaign, Illinois. I am Acton’s attorney.
Those who noticed that I am a Muslim attorney quickly pointed out the irony, and I readily admit that it is ironic. However, strange though it may be, it is the right thing to do.
By defending Acton I am defending First Amendment rights. (...)
Some have framed this issue as being about responsibility rather than free speech. Everyone is charged with exercising his or her rights in a responsible manner. However, responsibility is not the same as tact. (...)

Presently, there is a great deal of mistrust between Muslims and non-Muslims because of prevailing stereotypes. If Acton wins his case, we can show that Americans can be in favor of looking at Islam critically without demonizing all Muslims and without bashing Islam. Through me, people will see that there are indeed devout and reasonable Muslims in the world. This is how I view my world. I hope others will come to see it my way as well."


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