9 maart 2006

European Court of Human Rights Asked to Rule on Muhammad Cartoons (Law & Justice)

The European Court of Human Rights announced today that it has received an application from French Muslims asking it to declare the publication of caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad (see them here, halfway down the page) in French newspapers an infringement of the non-discrimination provisions of the European Convention on Human Rights.
Read the whole article on JURIST.


At 14/3/06 12:26, Anonymous Anoniem said...

the danish cartoons are a symbol of terrorism, we all feel unsecured by these savage acts and behaviors. they stop in the path of peace and encourage religous hatred. I call for a responsible media, and educated one, what has been published reflects either hatred or ignorance, no educated person would allow publishing such without knowing who is the prophit. I have seen the AEL cartoon, and made wonder, what civilization or progress are the danish and those who support such ignorance and discriminatory, terrorist acts are aiming at. SORRY this is not civilization...


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