19 november 2005

Disgraceful (De andere kijk)

At a time when, despite another suicide bombing, coalition forces, with skyhigh morale, are setting the stage for a third consecutive succesful election in a year in Iraq by sweeping the Iraq-Syria border region from 'insurgents' and jihadis, back home, some members of US Congress, including Republicans and former Vietnam-veterans, are stabbing them ánd the Iraqi people in the back by pressing for a timetable for withdrawal of US forces.

I agree with Mark Steyn saying that it is an absolute disgrace.

If you want to talk about a second Vietnam, it is about winning a war on the battlefield, but losing it at the homefront. It has not come this far - yet (?), but these are not reassuring developments.

All this sends the wrong message to the Iraqi people, US forces and Zarqawi's islamofascists. Those politicians, of whom some should know better, are behaving like spoilt children, whining to have their lollipops straight away. It is truly depressing. But I still believe that president Bush will stay the course. But what will happen after him? Will Bush prove to be just an anomaly in a series of wobbly presidents?

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