26 oktober 2005

News from Iraq (De andere kijk)

Some news from Iraq, besides the approval of the constitution and the 'grim milestone' of the 2000th US military death:

- Did you hear about the poll of the Daily Telegraph which says that 'millions of Iraqis believe that suicide attacks against British troops are justified'? Omar from Iraq The Model gives his comments on that one.

- There are strong indications that British MP George Galloway lied to a US Senate committee and received oil vouchers worth millions from the Oil-for-Food program. This puts Galloway's opposition to the Iraq war into a different perspective, doesn't it? Wretchard offers his own thoughts here and here.

- A few days ago, Iraqi 'insurgents' failed to attack hotels in Baghdad where many foreign journalists reside. How come I have not heard any journalist outcry about this attack, while there is so much fuss about the undeliberate killing of journalists by US forces?

- Last, but not least, blogger Bill Roggio who is doing an excellent job covering (military) events in Iraq, will soon be going - not without exposing himself to personal risk - to that country to see things there with his own eyes. See what you can do to support his endeavour.

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