2 augustus 2005

A few quick thoughts (De andere kijk)

It's about time to get tough with the Iranian regime after it reopened its nuclear installations in Isfahan. Comments on the latest developments here and here.

Non-muslims were not welcome at the funeral of King Fahd. A few months ago, non-catholics, including many muslim heads of state, attended the funeral of pope John Paul II.

While terrorists strike in London and elsewhere, some people are still not ready to listen to what the terrorists say that they want. According to David A. Lange that is because, if they would, their world view would be destroyed (hat tip: Chrenkoff).

Instead of working together to prevent a terrorist attack in Belgium, the federal police and the intelligence service are fighting a 'guerre des flics' about who can or cannot tap phones.

It's hard to win a war this way, you know (sigh

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