7 juli 2005

We are all British! (De andere kijk)

Today, 4 bombs killed tens and wounded hundreds of innocent civilians in London. My thoughts go to those who were affected by this indiscriminate atrocity. The perpetrators must be hunted down and brought to justice.

Like 9/11, 3/11 or other terrorist acts, this is not an attack on one city or one nation, but on all nations and on civilised people everywhere. Today, we are all British! Above all, this is not an attack on what we do in Iraq or Afghanistan, but on what we are, on what we hold dear, our values of freedom and democracy.

We cannot be intimidated by these acts. We must stick to our way of life and our beliefs. I am confident that the great and proud British people will do so. In the past, during WWII, they showed courage when facing the Nazi aggression alone during the Blitz and later on, along with many other allies. Without any doubt, they will show the same spirit again.

Back then, the allies prevailed. Now, once again, all nations and civilized people should join forces to pursue the war on terror that was brought to us. We did not ask for it, but faced with it, we will fight it and must win it. They shall not prevail!

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