16 februari 2009

In the land of Speaker's Corner... (Brigant)

Geert Wilders was not allowed to show his 'documentary' Fitna nor defend his stance, perhaps he should try at Hyde Park's Speakers corner? I wonder if they'll ever ban Michael Moore from the United Kingdom.

So, one is not allowed to defend his expressed opinion - through a 15 minute video clip - even if invited, by Lord Pearson,...due to concerns for public safety (see letter from GW's blog). Lord Ahmed disagreed with those plans and wrote a letter to the leader of the House of Lords (Guardian). Geert Wilders was actually stopped at the border and had to return to the Netherlands.

The land of Speaker's Corner...is not letting a Dutch Member of Parliament openly speak about his 'documentary movie' on Islam after being invited by a British Lord. What's next? Sharia law & courts? Too late. Has the United Kingdom lost it? Are they going bonkers?

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At 16/2/09 23:11, Anonymous Anoniem said...

1) Will they ever ban Michael Moore or his Belgian groupie, Johan Sanctorum, from the United Kingdom? No, they won't. Not as long as these persons do not criticise Islam. But, criticism of the Great Satan, the little Satan, and of real and presumed 'rightists' in general, is allowed and encouraged (your taxes at work!).

2) What is the principle involved? Is it 'banning hate'? No, there is no principle involved. One man's 'hate' is another man's 'love' or duty. And, one cannot ban 'feelings', for they are not physical things nor actions. However, what is involved is INTIMIDATION. Those who are prepared to intimidate others by threathening violence (demonstrations etc...) are getting their way. That is how it is in the world of Islam, EVERYWHERE in the world of Islam, and also in countries run by the Marxist (old) and the post-Marxist (new and naive) Left.

3) What's next? Sharia law and Courts? Yes, for some today, for most later, and for the rest...dhimmitude.

4) Are they (the Brits) going bonkers? It would appear so, increasingly.

At 18/2/09 11:16, Anonymous Anoniem said...

Disturbing images of violence and intimidation...



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