12 maart 2008

Leftist Latin American Drama Queens make their play (Brigant)

The conflict between Colombia and Ecuador has been resolved during a meeting of the Grupo de Rio on 7 March 2008. With the Mexican Foreign Minister acting as the peace angel. So, what's the deal?

Uribe has put the Chavez Files into the freezer - for now - in exchange for Chavez backing down on the conflict. Correa had to accept Colombia's apology in public, he looked mucho macho, but also more like a Chaverian puppet. Colombia apologized several times but Correa only accepted it on the Grupo de Rio in the presence of Chavez, perhaps to show off to Chavez [look master, I have cohones] and in a weak attempt to make Uribe publicly kneel?

The problem is that Uribe is holding the Aces: documents that link Ecuador and Venezuela to the FARC - a terrorist organization. More importantly it would seem that the ties between the FARC and Larrea (Ecuadorian minister) are not of a 'humanitarian type' as Ecuador said. Financial ties between Chavez and the FARC, Venezuela and FARC also appear in the documentation.
That documentation was captured during the Colombian raid into Ecuador, it was turned over to the OAS (Organization of American States), and rumors have it that the FBI certified the authenticity and Interpol is investigating the computer files as well. Big problem for Chavez, for Venezuela and Ecuador...supporting a terrorist organization, financing a terrorist organization what would the UN and the US think about that?

Something else happened that day. FARC commander Manuel Munoz Ortiz, known as Ivan Rios (alias), has been killed by one of his own security officers. As proof the officer brought along Ivan Rios's chopped off hand, his laptop and ID-card. Interesting that it happened, perhaps an indication that there's a rift/power struggle inside the FARC and that members may be turning against each other. I wonder what kind of intelligence was gathered from this incident.

Nicaragua backed down and re-established diplomatic ties with Colombia. One has to keep in mind the dispute concerning the islands of San Andres and Providencia between Colombia and Nicaragua. So, the Nicaraguan actions will mainly be related to that Island dispute.

Why has Chavez reacted in this manner, whilst Correa was initially downplaying it?

How would you react if you just lost a referendum to become el lider maximo, a prime contact person has been killed from an organization you support and who has some delicate knowledge and possible sensitive documentation about these relations? Information that could perhaps even destabilize you or at least isolate Venezuela in the world through UN Sanctions at a time you're seriously dependent on Oil exploitation & export [for domestic & foreign policies]?
You can either choose to bark like hell or run away.

But consider this...ALBA. Chavez recently uttered the idea of expanding the ALBA into a Latin American NATO directed primarily against the US (and Colombia). The Colombian-Ecuadorian incident gave Chavez the needed fuel (or lubricant) to relaunch his military arm of ALBA, let's call it SATO (South Atlantic Treaty Organization). Now, we have to wait and see if he will use it or bring over Latin American countries into forming a defense alliance (directed against the US).


At 12/3/08 15:44, Blogger David Vandenberghe said...

Waiting on a translation from Spanish to English of the documents captured by the Colombian army.

There is some doubt about the '300'.
Either Chavez gave the FARC 300 million € or the 300 is related to the release of FARC hostages.


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